Planning a bachelor party in Moscow? Need help? Find out, who we are and how we can make your party a very good one.

Hi! My name is Chris Helmbrecht. I am a German, who lived in New York, Spain and now, since 16 years, in Moscow. I am a DJ and a promoter myself. Since I arrived, I am involved in Moscows nightlife. Today, I am considered a Moscow nightlife veteran with connections to all relevant clubs and bars. I know the owners, as well as the security guys and the bar keepers. Most of all, I am still partying and I know, where to send you to have a good time (and be safe!).

Who are we? How can we help you? Our boss Chris Helmbrecht tells you!
Chris Helmbrecht at work.

My team is made out of friends. Some work full-time here. Others as a side job. They speak various languages fluently and also know Moscows nightlife inside out. This company is 3 years old, but we have been doing these bookings and guiding for more than 10 years, especially for the rich & beautiful. Not only Russians, but also international. Among my clients were / are 5 Billionaires.

How can we help you?

Besides booking your club tables and getting you into Moscows best Strip Clubs, we can arrange:

Moscow Party Girls

It all starts with a message. Contact us, via our online form or write us a message on WhatsApp +7 985 114 9695. You can tell me, what you want. I’ll ask a few questions and after that, we can make you a program and attach some prices to it.

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Questions? Shoot us a message via WhatsApp +7 985 114 9695

Written by Chris Helmbrecht

DJ. Writer. TV Guy.

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