has exclusive agreements with 6 of the best Strip Clubs and Gentlemen Clubs in town. We can get you in with ease. Make sure you are safe and not ripped off and organize the best tables for you.

Check out NUAR – Moscows most glam Gentleman Club.

Moscows Strip clubs are much different to what you may have experienced in the US or Europe. In our partner venues you will not get ripped off. The girls will not ask you to buy them expensive champagne bottles and in general the drink prices are decent.

You can visit any of these clubs between 21:00 and 06:00. They are often conveniently located between your restaurant location and your Moscow Club.

What to expect from a Moscow Strip Club? Read more in our guide (opens a new window!)

Here are some of the good things about our partner Strip Clubs / Gentlemen Clubs:

  • Reduced entry fee’s with a 10% discount on drinks and food
  • Your drinks cost as much as in any (normal) Moscow club. Currently about 7 USD for a beer and 9.50 USD for a cocktail or long drink.
  • 60 girls per night dancing for and with you
  • 8 USD per a lap dance
  • You can touch the girls anywhere, but the intim area is off limits
  • Private Dances & Private Booths, so you can relax and enjoy the dance (from 40 USD)
  • Free car transfers between the clubs. You don’t like a club, just let them drive you to the next one.

Strip Clubs / Gentlemen Clubs we currently work with:

Hunters | Loft | Angels | Penthouse | Aurora | 911 Club

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Inside Angels, one of the best Strip Clubs / Gentlemen Clubs in Moscow
Inside Angels Club

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