Obviously, you have heard about the Russian capital and its legendary nightlife, otherwise you would have not ended up on this website, looking for more information about the city and planning your own Moscow bachelor party.

Well, if beer bikes and getting fucked up for small amount of money, is your thing, than you are probably better off in Prague, Riga or Odessa.

Moscow model at Duran Bar. Lets celebrate your Moscow Bachelor Party

Moscow is expensive!

Even after the sanctions and the Rubel economy crisis, Moscow isn’t cheap. That being said, you’ll get much more for your Dollar, Euro or Rupee, than 5 years ago and your Moscow bachelor party experience will be exclusive and special.

Moscow is the largest city in Europe and a metropolis. It is totally underrated and every one of our past guests, confirms that and wants to come back as soon as possible.

If you do business in Russia, you need to come to Moscow, even if your goldmine is located in the Far East, thousands of miles away. This brings a lot of money to Moscow and with it, the most beautiful girls, but also a thriving, very exclusive nightlife. And of course the countless day activities, from adrenaline kicks to sauna sessions to high class shopping.

Moscow Bachelor Party

Coming to Moscow to celebrate your Moscow Bachelor party, you’ll better bring enough cash. But, I’ll guarantee, you will leave with a memory of a life-time.

Lamborghini Aventador in Moscow. The city is rich. And waiting for your Moscow Bachelor Party
Lamborghini Aventador

And yes, there is the need for a visa. Another obstacle on your way to Russia. But we can help you with this as well, or at least give you some advice on how to make it work fast.

Last, but least. Before you book a Hotel, have a look out our recommendations. And NO! We don’t get any % or money from the hotels or apartments we wrote about. This is the real deal.

Check out our services and how we can make your trip a special one.

Write us, if you have any questions, we are ready to answer and maybe you’ll decide to book a package or at least some activities with us.

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