Hi! This is Chris Helmbrecht, the founder of MoscowClubs.com and MoscowStagnights.com. Party at night and what are the Moscow Action Day Activities? Here are some adrenaline filled action day activities for you. As you can see from the videos and photos, I’ve done all of them myself, to be sure I will only offer you the best.

Be careful, though. Some of them require you to get up earlier than you want. I added the driving / transfer time and the time the activity usually takes, considering you are a 6-8 people group.

Here is our shopping list of

Moscow Action Day Activities

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Kalashnikov AK-47 Shooting – 2 hours

This used to be the #1 thing to do in between some sightseeing and clubbing, since the shooting range is centrally located in the Moscow center. Unfortunately the law changed in 2019 and from now on this range can only offer you to shoot their weapon selection with blank rounds.

There is an alternative on in the suburbs of Moscow, but we’ll need a bit more time to bring you there and back (1h driving time each way). Also, by law they are required to make you do an alcohol test and if you still have rest alcohol from last night, there will be no shooting for you.

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Drifting – 2 hours

Ride a customized car on a racetrack and drift around the curves like a pro. The race track is outside of Moscow and it takes about an hour to get there (and an hour back). You can take up to 3 cars and ride on the track together with your friends. The others can sit and watch, until its their turn.

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Paintball or Lasertag 2-3 hours

What? Your friend was drunk and approached your girl last night in the club? Time for a payback! Shoot him! There are various paintball facilities around Moscow and we will choose the closest to you to keep the transfer time to a minimum. Still you should expect a 1h drive to the paintball range and back. The coolest ranges feature old tanks and helicopters. And as usual there is an opportunity to do a BBQ with a real Russian shashlik and we can organize some drinks or a barrel of beer.

Paintball in Moscow
Paintball in Moscow
They even have old tanks and helicopters there!

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Tank Riding and shooting – 2 hours

Yes, you can test drive a Russian tank on a designated training field outside of Moscow. They even have the fairly modern T-72 and you can crash a car with it. You can also shoot a blank round with the tank and shoot various weapons and a Russian bazooka (all blanks!). The drive to the range is about 2 hours (one way!). You will get a real Russian military lunch with vodka. Please note: You’ll be sitting on the tank, like Russian infantry soldiers, for most of the time. Riding over obstacles and across a field. Only one of you can actually drive the tank with a trainer for a short time.

Tank Riding is one of our Moscow Action Day Activities

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Jet Flying – 20 min to 1 hour (real flight time)

Too expensive, you may think. Yes, a flight on a Russian MIG takes a minimum of 6 weeks organization time and costs about 13-15 000 USD (1h flight). We can organize this for you as well! Write us!

There is a very exciting and much cheaper alternative, though. You can fly an L-39 Ground Attack Jet or an older L-29 Jet Trainer, starting from 650 USD for a 20 min flight. While the jets only make Mach 8 and 20 min don’t sound like much time, let me ensure you, that this will be the ride of your life time! I’ve done it myself and experienced up to 7G. Its me in the videos.

The only downturn is, that the airfield is a 4 hour (one way) drive away, but it will give you time to sober out for your flight and again it is totally worth it. We can also organize a helicopter transfer from Moscow to the airfield.

They have a few jets there, so you can fly in 2 jets and have a real dog fight with your friend. The flight program also includes various acrobatics and a ground target attack. The ones of you, which are not flying, can watch from below and film, since all action will be around the airfield. They also offer a BBQ on site and there are many old and new Russian aircraft to look at.

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Skydiving – 3 hours (on site)

Our good friends run a drop zone close to Moscow, where you can jump out of an Antonov cargo plane by yourself (automatic) or climb up to 4200m and jump from high above with an instructor by tandem. And of course a camera man can jump with you and record your adrenaline kick!

You’ll have to do a small supervisual medical test with a doctor on site, so you can’t be drunk from last night. The driving time to the drop zone is 2 hours (one way) and its only possible with good flying weather and from May to October.

Skydiving in Moscow is one of our Moscow Action Day Activities
Tandem Jump from 4200m – Yeah!

And yes, I’ve done this as well. Various times. Its not that expensive and a lot of fun. The ones who don’t want to jump, can wait and have a BBQ and a beer on site.

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Bridge Jumping – 1 hour

Did you ever try bungee? This is different. You will be standing on an active railway bridge, where trains will pass by. After you climb over the handrail and you will jump 30m into the deep. In my opinion, its much more scary and the adrenaline kick much higher, since the ground is so close and crashing seems far more real. But, having been an Alpinist myself, let me assure you, that safety is first and the organizers are professionals with expensive new gear and security backup’s.

With 30 USD per jump, this is a very cheap adrenaline kick and our best valued Moscow Action Day Activity! The best, you can do it up to 10x times, until your brain gets used to it. So each time it is as scary, as the first time. The drive is about 1.5 hours (one way) and this is possible all year around, unless its raining badly. There is a river and during the summer months you can enjoy a BBQ on site and jump into the water for a swim, while your friends are getting ready to jump.

There are more Moscow Action Day Activities, but we can’t list them all.

Did we miss anything?

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