Moscow is full of strip clubs, but our friends recently told us about “Nuar”, the gentlemen club, which runs a different concept. A combination of theatre, bar, restaurant and gentlemen club. Kinky, with latex and leather. Let us take you inside of Nuar, probably Moscow’s most posh strip club. That comes with a price tag. It is not the cheapest club in Moscow, but an exclusive one. Premium, as you require it. You should go and check it out. Put it on your Moscow bachelor party to-do list.

Inside the posh Nuar

The interior of the club is a mix of Modern design and Victorian. There are tables, beds, showers and there is even a jacuzzi. Ever prominent is the large X, which is used in S&M to bind some submissive to it. You can find various of the X’s in the club and it’s a reference to its kinky S&M shows.

You can find an ATM at the club’s entrance (inside) and the waiters will change your bills to smaller ones to cover the lap dances. A lap dance is 3 min and should be paid with 500 Rub, which you put in the girls garter belt. A private dance lasts also about 3 min and costs 3000 Rub. You can also have a private show, which lasts for 10 min and costs 10 000 Rub. If you want to invite a girl to come with you and release her of her work duties, you’ll have to pay 40 000 Rub. 

The menu inside the posh Nuar

Speaking of money. To get into the club, you’ll have to pay a 5000 Rub per person cover fee. Nuar offers a great kitchen menu and fantastic drinks for reasonable prices. The menu was prepared by one of Moscows top restaurant chefs. A beer costs you 550 Rub, a Whiskey 500 Rub and a Cocktail will set you back 600 Rub. Unlike in Europe, none of the girls will ask you to buy them an overpriced drink. A shisha will cost you (from) 7500 Rub. If you want to sit at a table, you’ll have to pay a 5000 Rub per person minimum spend, called deposit in Russia. You will get drinks and food for this amount of money, but be aware that they will expect a mandatory 10% service fee at the end.

How to get there and get inside the posh Nuar?

Nuar is located on Krasnaya Presnya St, 23кБс1 (see map below). You can take a taxi there. Just enter Nuar into your Yandex or Uber App. There is “face-control”, a doorman checks you. They expect you to come in good clothes. People who are overly drunk, in sports outfits, too casual or in dirty clothes will not be let in. After all, its one of the most premium gentleman clubs in Moscow!

Inside the posh Nuar

Do they speak English? Opening times of Nuar?

The staff is super friendly and many of them speak English. Once you are inside, all of the dancers will come out and show themselves to you. There are usually working 30 dancers (and more) per night. The club is open Tue to Saturday from 21:00 until 06:00 am. Sunday and Monday Nuar is closed!


Nuar Gentlemens Club
Krasnaya Presnya St, 23кБс1
Metro: between Barrikadnaya / Krasnaya Presnya and Ulitsa 1905 Goda

Tel: +7 (499) 370-39-44



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