Recently I received an email. “Can you make an article about our Imperium Massage Salon in Moscow”, I was asked. At we only sell what we have tried ourselves and what we can truly recommend, was my answer and after the PR lady invited me for a visit. Imperium is part of the Vanilla Massage Salon group and they have 6 salons spread-out all-over Moscow. Imperium is their newest massage parlor.

What can you expect from a visit at Imperium Massage Salon Moscow?

Its located at Myasnitskaya street 41B. Only a 5 minute walk from the Krasnye Vorota (Red Line) or the Chistey Prudy (Red / Orange / Light Green Lines) Metro Stations. The entry is on the side of the building. Its an unmarked modern brown door. Anyway, before your visit you should let them know, that you are coming and we can book this for you, or you can contact them by yourself via WhatsApp or their website.

Inside, the hostess will take you to one of the rooms and explain their service menu and the rules to you. Once you made your choice, you will meet the available girls and you can choose your masseuse. After that you will get a shower with the girl and she will wash you. It’s a pleasant experience to just relax and let the girl do everything. This is, how the kings and emperors must have felt, when they were washed and taken care of. And that is the concept of Imperium. You are the king and they want to make you feel like it.

There are various rooms, some with bathtubs, whirlpools and even a small Russian bath. Everything is clean and you find signs, saying that the bed and the sauna were disinfected. You can also smell that, although they use various incense to even make it smell nice.

The Rooms

Your Choice

You can choose from a simple massage up to a VIP treatment and even some specials, like a 4-hand massage with 2 relaxations or a prostate massage or a S&M styled session. The time frame is 60-90 min and they even have a 3 hour program, where you can totally relax and enjoy your time. And of course, there is a happy ending included, or if you pay more, even two or more. Sex is not allowed. You can touch the girls, but you shouldn’t penetrate them in any way. The prices start from 5000 rub and go to 15 000 Rub for a 4-hand treatment. Longer sessions are a bit higher from 12000 – 17000 Rub and there is the all over 3h VIP treatment from 20 000 – 40 000 Rub.

The Massage

After your shower, you can lay down and enjoy a mix of various massages. They use hot oils and stones as well as fruits (strawberries and oranges). While the girls perform a “normal” massage, there is always a bit if an erotic component. A gentle touch here and there, that makes and keeps you excited and waiting for more. The massage is very relaxing. You can also order some tea or even alcoholic beverages. The prices are normal, and you pay as much, as you would pay in any other Moscow bar. Towards the end, I received a Nuru treatment, which is, when the girl oils herself and uses her full body, massaging and sliding over you. This is a fantastic experience, especially when you lay on your back.

The Girls

After the Massage

After I finished, my masseuse invited me for another shower. To my surprise she brought some coffee and a special glove to give me a rub and get the massage oil off my skin. It was another nice experience, being cleaned and still being passive and enjoying it. It didn’t end there and maybe it was part of their upsell, but while she cleaned me, she touched me at my intimate parts and made me excited again. When we finished the shower, she offered me another relaxation for a reasonable (much less than the original hourly) fee. We drank a tea, chatted a bit and she took care of me. Unfortunately, not all girls speak English, you should probably ask for it, if you want to also communicate. Even without Russian language skills you can easily manage. Your masseuse will guide you through the process with a universal language and the hostess speaks English. She can explain all of your program upfront to you.

Bachelors – Afternoon

While most strip clubs only open after 21:00 these massage parlors open at 13:00, Imperium included. I can recommend this as a perfect hangover treatment in the afternoon. Whether you want to just have a massage or a sexual experience, this can be a truly nice Moscow experience with beautiful girls, and it is not too expensive. Everything is reasonably priced, even the upsell. You can also go as a group and enjoy the sauna together, before each of you head to his room for an individual treatment.

If you are a (bachelor party) group, there is no walk-in possibility. You need to book your time ahead and we can do this for you. Just write us!

I will go back and there is so much more to try. I am curious about the 4 hands treatment, for example. Truly recommended and a good experience, even for beginners (they will make you feel comfortable).

Imperium Massage Salon Moscow


Myasnitskaya Ulitsa 41B
Looking at the building go to the left side of it and you’ll find the entrance to Imperium on the buildings side. Its up the stairs and a brown modern door. No signs or marks of the place. Just ring the bell.

Working Hours: MON-WED: 13.00-07.00, THU-SUN: 24/7

Tel. & WhatsApp: +7 (926) 998-89-05


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Contact us or write on WhatsApp
+7 985 114 9695

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