Is clubbing in Moscow any good? How is the nightlife? Should we do our bachelor party there? Is Russia safe?

The old days

Moscows Nightlife belongs to the best in the world. The expression “Party like a Russian!” doesn’t come from anywhere. During the 90s, clubbing in Moscow was different. There was a need for exclusive clubs, where the new rich could show off, network and party. In the 2000’s this development climaxed with real Elephants on the stage in a club and table prices of 10 000 USD and more.

Clubbing in Moscow

Clubbing in Moscow – Today

Moscows nightlife became a bit more relaxed. Clubbing in Moscow became international. The Russian oligarchs from the 90s got old and their kids went to school abroad in London, Paris or the US. They demand a different nightlife, one that looks like New York, Ibiza or Berlin. Nevertheless, there are some Russian specialties, left from the wild 90s and 2000s.

“Facecontrol” is one. The doorman, who selects the clubs audience to make sure the venue remains exclusive and hot. Table deposits are another. When reserving a table, you need to pay a 100% upfront payment in cash, to make sure you fit the venue (in terms of spending and style). You can order food and drink for the deposit amount and other than in the 2000’s these table became affordable with an average deposit of 700-1000 USD in most Moscow clubs.

Clubbing in Moscow
ICON Club Moscow

Well connected

We are in the nightlife since more than 15 years and we can arrange everything for you. Most of all, we always know, where there is a party and where you will have the time of your life. Whether you are into Commercial House, RnB or Underground Tech, we know where to send you. Let us give you some advice and book the best table, so your Moscow Bachelor Party will be mayhem. In any case, most club employees don’t speak English.

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Please visit our NEWS section (above) – to check for listings of the hottest venues, nightlife news and Top 10 lists of clubs, bars and restaurants.

Problem Solvers & Protection

Besides of the table bookings, we can help if there will be any problems in the club, with the police or any other guests. Don’t worry, we know half of the city and are known ourselves. We know who to call, to fix things.

Models – Nightlife Guides

Last, there are plenty of girls in the clubs, but if you need some sure shoot company at your table, we can book a few models from an agency. They will entertain you and help with orders and even bring some girls to your table (unless, they like you themselves). Just to be sure, these models are not prostitutes. Prostitution is illegal in Russia. If you are looking for sex, you should probably visit one of the established Gentlemen’s Club. There you’ll find plenty of beautiful girls and a save, protected environment.

BOOK NOW. Or request a proposal for your personalizes Moscow Bachelor Party. Or write us on WhatsApp +7 985 114 9695

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