Here is an example, of a bachelor party weekend program for you in Moscow…

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of your Bachelor Party Weekend Program

Pickup at the airport (luxury limousine or a party bus) with lots of drinks and of course an optional stripper on board.

– Dinner at one of Moscow’s best restaurants with highlights, like a visit in the “Ruski” ice room with a vodka sommelier and degustation.

Pre-Party in one of Moscow’s best gentlemen clubs

– A reserved table in one of Moscow’s top clubs! We know where the best parties are, because we’ve been doing this for years!

– An optional afterparty at one of Moscow’s best after-hour locations.

– After you’ve had your fill, we’ll bring you home safely. You can also choose to have a guide / host with you at all times. We even have beautiful female ones!


of your Bachelor Party Weekend Program

Day activities starting at 10:00 or 15:00 (for the after-hour people)

Here is a list of just some of the wonderful craziness you can expect from us…and Russia!

– Experience the adrenalin rush of a real fighter jet! Jetflying with acrobatics and dogfights, with an optional helicopter transfer to the airfield.

– Skydiving (tandem or automatic jumps)

– Car Drifting (Japanese style) on a closed race track

– Guided Tour through Moscow and the famous Moscow Metro

– Motocross on a dirt track

– Tank Driving and Shooting

– Shooting with the legendary AK-47 (and other guns)!

– Detox in the legendary Sanduny Sauna / Russian Bath (private rooms available)

– Rope Jumping from a Bridge

– Watersports (during summer) incl. Wakeboarding (there are even nude beaches)

– Wintersports (skiing & snowboarding), indoor or outdoor

Once you’ve had your day of fun and the sun starts to set, Moscow really comes alive!

We will take you to yet another beautiful restaurant so you can relish in a true Russian cuisine, or maybe some Uzbek “Plov”, Georgian  “Khachapuri Adjaruli” or whatever else that may strike your palette. After you have satisfied your taste buds, your options are endless. Feel free to visit top-class strip club or attend a masterclass from one of Moscow’s best cocktail makers (mixologist) in one of Moscow’s best bars. And of course, we’ll have another hot club for you, where you can dance and flirt until sunrise!

This is your Bachelor Party Weekend Program. How do you like it?


Russian women are the most beautiful in the world! Sometimes gently like a cat, sometimes rough like a tiger. Whether you want a nightlife guide to entertain you, or a stripper, we have it all. We work with the best model agencies in town and have thousands of girls to choose from. You can choose yourself… Here are some models we have worked with in the past.

How much does it cost?

It depends on your program and your wishes. Each client is an individual and we tailor a program to meet their specific requirements.

Please write or call us and we would be delighted to listen to your requests.

After just a few questions, we will create a “shopping list”, where you can select your weekend activities (according to your budget).

Finally, we will provide a detailed schedule and list of all costs.

Some of them, you can pay by credit card. Others must be paid in cash. Some must be paid upfront, when we book it (like table deposits in clubs).

… but more when we talk. Just write us.

Either use our form or send us a WhatsApp or SMS message:
Chris +7 985 114 9695 (English, German)
Max +7 926 575 2551 (English, Russian)

Written by Chris Helmbrecht

DJ. Writer. TV Guy.

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